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Maitake Delivery

Japan's country-wide home delivery service is probably the most efficient, speedy and convenient system in the world. You could literally get anything, ANYTHING, delivered to your doorstep in a matter of hours. It puts FedEx to shame, shame, shame. You can even get your suitcase delivered to your house from the airport! GENIUS!

My aunt received a box of these lovely maitake mushrooms from a friend, oh you know, just because. That's another thing I love about Japan- people are always randomly sending each other FOOD.

Maitake is the essence of autumn in Japan. "Seasonal" is an understatement. They are delicate and smell of deep earth perfume. When they are carefully handled, they look like large pieces of flowering fans.

I prefer them in nabe (hotpot) or fried tempura style. Mmmm. Happy Autumn to all!


  • Uhm yum, I love mushrooms.
    And the Japanese delivery service.
    4 weeks ago I hung out at Yoko's house when the doorbell suddenly rang. It was the delivery dude – bringing a box of two fresh crabs! Including spiky shells, claws and everything. In Denmark recieving a raw crab in a wooden box would be beyond surreal, but Yoko and Washi were like,'oh how nice', and had already eaten up one of the poor creatures in a few hours like it was a box of chocolates… Only in Japan, huh.

    Anders on

  • Yup, one crab is still sitting pretty in our freezer… Mmmmm. The crabs were a "gift" from the credit card company because we accumulated enough points on it. I love you Orico (credit card company).

    yoko on

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