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Praline Connection (NOLA)

We were wandering around on Frenchmen Street, an area right next to the French Quarter that gets just is known to get spankrockinwild for Mardi Gras. While we sauntered in and out of bars and talked to crazy people on the streets in colorful wigs, I saw this sign on neon poster paper.

Praline Connection (NOLA)

If you think I was about to pass this up, you are crazy. We had just had massive burgers, (and god, that baked potato) at Port of Call, but damn't, I wanted some shrimp and grits!

What Kayoko wants, Kayoko gets.

Praline Connection (NOLA)

These grits were so creamy, so buttery, so... greasy, they just slipped into my mouth, off the spoon, down my throat. It was all gone in a matter of moments. It was love.

Praline Connection (NOLA)

"I need more!" I said to my friends. They looked at me absolutely dumbfounded-- they thought I was totally out of my mind.

So I went back. This time, I got the gumbo.

Praline Connection (NOLA)

Again, this was just so damn slippery! I couldn't help but inhale every last drop. The soupy, ricey, shrimp concoction is just so heartwarming. Basically a small bowl of cholesterol that brought me closer to my grave, but SO worth it.

I'm not sure if the truck is here all the time. The Praline Connection is an actual restaurant just down the street. It has been around for a while, and quite well known for their Soul Food, and there are several locations dotted around town.

Praline Connection (NOLA)

Here's Moses, who started talking to me when I went back for Round 2. He must have thought I was crazy.

Praline Connection (NOLA)

Moses told me that the restaurant has been in the family for decades. He is opening a branch out in LA, called Cajun Grill Connection (which doesn't come up in Google searches).

Praline Connection (NOLA)

Next time, it'll be fried chicken, for sure.

Praline Connection (NOLA)

542 Frenchmen Street
New Orleans, LA
T: 504.943.3934


  • Eric- you’ll need to free up a few belt notches, for sure. So jealous!

    kayoko on

  • I’m very concerned for my heart health when I move to NOLA next year.

    Eric on

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