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What do you do when life gives you lemons?? Preserve them!!! Aya A. just moved into a new home in Campbell, where a lemon tree grows in abundunce in the backyard. She kindly gave me a bag full of these ripe, golden fruit, and I decided to preserve them Moroccan style.

Not only are these preserved lemons so EASY to make (which is, of course, the main reason why I chose to use the lemons in this way), but they add a unique zip to all sorts of dishes. Add them to chicken/ seafood/ vegetables, soups, sauces, pasta dishes, even cocktails (sure, why not?? Paystyle, that's all you).

I consulted a number of recipes, which all essentially gave the same directions. Here's my favorite over by the ladies at Kitchen Caravan- it's a video so no reading, yay!

Alright, so all you need is kosher salt, sterilized jars and lemons. That's it!


Chop off the pointy ends and then slice an 'X' lengthwise ALMOST all the way through (but not all the way!), like this:


Slather the lemons with a spoonful of salt.


Drop in a tablespoon of salt into the jar per lemon. Don't be shy with the salt- we drown these yellow suckers in them, no holds barred. Squish the lemons down so the juice flows out a bit, and makes room for more lemons.


David Lebovitz suggested sticking a cinnamon stick and/or bay leaf into the jar before sealing, which I did. These lemons should be ready in about a month. At that point, I'll let you know whether or not this venture was successful!



  • Off the hook! Hell yeah, send me a jar and I'll work those babies in a drink!

    Paystyle on

  • So glad you made these – I consider my larder empty without a jar of these on hand.

    Jud-san on

  • Aldo – traditionally they're used in Moroccan and other Middle Eastern dishes.

    Paystyle on

  • So are these supposed to be used in drinks or does this like make a jam or something?

    aldo on

  • Jud- any recipes of choice off hand that you'd like to share???

    kayoko on

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