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Field to Table: The Role of Vegetables in Japanese Diet
Monday, October 25 @ 6:30 pm
Japan Society NYC

Do you remember my post on Kajitsu, THE BEST vegan restaurant? Chef Nishihara just received TWO STARS from Michelin 2010! Just so you know, Eleven Madison only got one star, and Del Posto-- which just received four stars in the New York Times-- just got downgraded to one star in Michelin. Despite credibility and speculation of Michelin, it is SIGNIFICANT.

So Chef Nishihara is a big deal, yet he is so humble, and his attention to details is super amazing.

He is coming to speak at Japan Society in NYC next Monday 10/25, on the theme of how vegetable plays important roles in the Japanese diet.

Dame Elizabeth Andoh, one of the most well known Japanese food journalist/author/teacher joins this talk. She is publishing a new book called KANSHA: Celebrating Japan's Vegan & Vegetarian Traditions, and she and Chef Nishihara will focus on the concept of 一物全食 ("Ichi motsu zenshoku"; literally meaning: "One thing, entirely eaten," using the entire vegetable-- peels, leaves, seeds, roots and other parts of the plant that are usually discarded), and how one can enjoy vegetables-only cuisine.

Hearing Chef Nishihara's own story will make you want to go to Kajitsu so badly! Having trained at Kitcho, Kyoto's most respected kaiseki restaurant, he has an extensive cooking background.

It's going to be a fantastic event. Don't miss it! Get your tickets here.


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