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Why do we call Durian the king of fruit? Possible answers may be:

1. It stinks like a lazy king who doesn't bathe.
2. It's prickly surface reminds people of an asshole scar faced king.
3. Outer shell is so large, but inside is very small, which might represent a kings mental stability (you know, barking dogs).Whatever the reason might be, Durian smells like shit, LITERALLY.

On the contrary, Mangosteen is called the queen of fruit. It is so appropriate. Its subtle yet elegant sweetness is perfect. It's hard to open up, but once you do, it's so pretty (ahem, sounds almost erotic). Its boobs are perfectly aligned, I mean fruits. The contrast of dark dark red outer shell and pure white fruits are very beautiful as well.

I went to Chinatown the other day, and found fresh mangosteens. I never had fresh one in my life, and had to buy them. I also bought bunch of lychees, and I freaking spent $35 at a fruit cart on Mulberry street!! I usually spend $30 and have arm full of shopping bags with veggies, meat and fish, but these fruits were VERY pricey.

I came home and tried one.
It kind of reminds me of pomegranate, but a lot smaller, and darker red.

It's hard to see, but there is a cute "asshole" on the bottom. What do you really call it? It looks like flower, but could definitely look like an asshole, too.

Sorry for a bad picture, but it looks like how citrus is lined, but very strongly protected by hard shell. I guess strong soldiers (shells) are protecting the queen, the fruit.

What's prince and princess of fruit? Prince could be star fruit, since they are pretty to look at, but has no taste whatsoever. Princess could be, hm, any ideas?



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