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The Queen Vic Market is one of Melbourne's main attractions and is the largest open air market in the Southern hemisphere. It was started in the 1850s when the British ruled this part of Australia and it's the only surviving 19th century Market in downtown Melbourne.

Also, I learned on Wikipedia that the roof of the market is equipped with "the largest urban grid-connected solar photovoltaic installation in the Southern Hemisphere", generating 252,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. These Aussies are very forward thinking on the eco-front.

At the market, you can get anything from kangaroo belt buckles to lychee fruit, and they also have entire areas dedicated to organic foods and wine. There are butchers, cheese mongers, jewelers, gourmet shops, handicrafts etc. It reminds me of both the Souk in Jerusalem and the Reading Market in Philly, and I imagine it's similar to what New Amsterdam Public envisions for the old Fulton Fish Market site in lower Manhattan.

We spent about 45 minutes walking around, and it was clearly not enough....I'll undoubtedly be back before I leave town!



  • that hotpink ground meat shot is awesome.

    kayoko on

  • crazy!!

    In 1917, when that Market was extended upon much of the cemetery site, 914 bodies were exhumed and re-interred at other cemeteries around Melbourne, including Melbourne General Cemetery in Carlton, and Fawkner Cemetery, which is now the resting place of the “Old Pioneers”.

    Most of the other 9,000 bodies remain buried beneath the existing car park. Unfortunately, there are no records of those buried there. Following its closure, the Cemetery fell into disuse and may of the red gum head stones were stolen for firewood. Official records for the cemetery were destroyed during a fire in one of the wings of the Melbourne Town Hall.

    kayoko on

  • The market is built on an old cemetary. They just concreted over the bodies.

    Anonymous on

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