Sake Gumi
My goal in Japan was to eat ramen everyday. With everything else that there was to eat, I sadly couldn't fulfill the goal, but I did have my fair share. Here is my top 3:

A place near my aunt's house in Yokohama, called Tora. Lots of chain ramen joints everywhere now, which was a bit disconcerting.

Order and pay at the machine when you walk in:

What's all the rage right now? Tonkotsu ramen- thick pork broth that is heavy and greasy, that is all over NYC as well (think Ippudo, also a chain in Japan).

Here is a more refreshing option- a bowl of regular soy ramen that we had in Atami. Simple and delicious:

Menu on the wall:

Old Nikkatsu film posters, from the 60s. This one is for Marc:

And now, my favorite bowl of ramen- TanTanMen. I think it's Chinese in origin (although I guess you could say that about all ramen). Super spicy miso-ish broth, with ground pork and cooked egg drizzled over the top.



  • All of those Ramens look delicious. I love to eat ramen when I visit Japan.

    Tornadoes28 on

  • Yum! How crazy, as you are blogging about ramen, I was out eating ramen! It’s snowy in NYC, so I was going to treat myself to a bowl of ramen, at 2 PM on a Friday, in the middle of a snow storm there was a 1/2 hr wait at Ippudo. Crap! I settled for Rai Rai Ken, but it wasn’t that good. I should’ve trudged a bit further to Setagaya.

    Amy T on

  • The last one looks like Shin ramen!

    Sonja on

  • Hey! Just noticed your Nikkatsu gallery for me – thanks. Looks like it’s specifically a Yu-chan gallery, of Ishihara Yujiro films. I see RED HANDKERCHIEF in there, which showed at JS, as well as ORE WA MATTEIRU ZE and the classic ARASHI O YOBU OTOKO. Cool place.

    I miss Tokyo ramen. Nowhere in NY, certainly not the overpriced and overhyped nouveau ramen places like Setagaya and Ippudo, live up to the cheapest bowl of eki ramen in Japan. Maybe it’s something in the water?

    追放マーク on

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