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I am going to start ReCPY, sharing easy (and sometimes moderately difficult) recipes like Paystyle's Happy Hour, every week.

When you go to Japan, you will encounter many kinds of yogurt like these. Among them, aloe yogurt is always a favorite to many. Aside from soothing sunburns, aloe is actually edible, and although it's flavorless, the texture is quite fun.

I was browsing around various food blogs the other day, and found a recipe for home made aloe yogurt at No Recipes. This guy is a genius. I think he is a Japanese-American, and like many of us, he misses some of the favorite foods from Japan. His site is pretty cool, too. Kayoko, UM needs to get picked up by the media soon! I want to be FAMOUS like Susan Boyle and have a mental breakdown...

Anyhow, I've tried to make various Japanese food items that are impossible to get in the States, such as pucchin purin, or strawberry shortcake, but I never thought aloe yogurt was so easy to make.

Luckily Western Beef is very much a Latin-flavored grocery store where everything is cheap, and aloe is only 99 cents per pound.

The aloe is huge and it was pretty easy to get the meat out. It was like fillet-ing fish. But it's super slimy and very translucent. You can't compare this slime with anything else. Natto, okra, are nothing compared to this.

Be sure you don't leave any skin because is tough and bitter. Cut it into small cubes. Put in a pot, and add 1 cup of sugar and juice of 1 lime. I used three aloes (only the thicker parts, I didn't bother to cut the top part since it's are harder to skin) for this recipe. It's amazing how much water aloe contains. In the beginning, it's a big piece of slime, almost disgusting, but as it cooks in low heat, it becomes very watery and less slimy. When it's very translucent, it's done. It doesn't lose its slime completely, but you can see the difference.

Once it's cooled, pour it over plain yogurt, and OMG, it is aloe yogurt. It's the easiest (if you don't mind the slime) healthy yogurt topping recipe. I totally forgot to bring it to work today, although I told Ayagwa to bring yogurt...

Tomorrow there will be a moment of "OMG, it's aloe yogurt!!!" at my office.

*Yamahomo likes cooking and baking. He prefers staying in kitchen all weekend long than being outside.

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