When my mother visits anywhere, we need a tub of yogurt and fresh pineapples. No matter where she goes, she MUST eat these two things every day, for her health. BM, mainly..

I bought an expensive large tub of Fage ($10!!), and she hated it. It was too thick for her. When sons try to impress mothers, it always end up being wasteful. I should have just gotten the cheap shit.

So I was left with a lot of yogurt that I needed to use somehow. After a bunch of research for something interesting, I found one for an apple yogurt cake. Sounds interesting right?

This was also an easy as hell, fool-proof recipe. Yep, Yoko, I am talking to you.

24og flour
120g sugar
1tbsp baking powder
4 eggs
200g yogurt
2 apples cut into small pieces (I use Fuji apples)


Mix everything except for apples. Dump everything into a bowl, and mix together.  Since Greek yogurt has a lot less water, I added 1tbsp water.


Consistency is pretty thick.


Mix in apples.


I used a pound cake pan, but you can use regular round cake pan too.


Bake it on 350˚F oven for about an hour, until tooth pick comes out clean.


Airy and nice apple chunks.


Just the fact that there's fruit, and no butter/oil in the cake makes you think you can eat the whole loaf, right? This is amazingly moist and light. And the sweetness from the Fuji apples was definitely a hit-- I don't trust American apples.
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  • Haha, yeah, it’s all about the BM.

    sakura on

  • Really? That’s so funny. I thought it was my mother’s weird habit. These Japanese ladies who can’t shit regularly must eat pineapple and yogurt every day, apparently.. You know how religious Japan could be?

    Yamahomo on

  • My mother is just like yours. What is it with mothers and yoghurt/pineapple?! And everytime she calls me, she always asks whether I’m eating yoghurt/pineapple…

    Sakura on

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