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Although this month is designated for sloth, I don't work Thursdays or Fridays this month so I have too much free time on my hands. I can't think of anything else to do but stay in the kitchen. People think I'm a social butterfly, but in reality, I am a loser who stays in the apartment all day long.

Right now, tomatoes are in their prime, and especially if you can get the Sun Gold kind, it's out of the world. It's so sweet, that you might consider it a cherry or a grape, instead of a cherry tomato or grape tomato.

The reason I did this preparation is because I am developing a very weird allergic reaction to many raw foods. It is very sad that things you've always eaten turn out to be deadly, with your face blowing up, or becoming choking hazards. Why is that? I started to like many foods that I hated while growing up, such as shiokara (squid marinated in its own guts, totally a sign of alcoholism) and other sea items (still hate sardine and mackerel). But vegetables and fruits are something I never thought I would have to avoid, but I do now.

My allergic reaction is pretty subtle, just an itchy throat, but it's still annoying. I can't eat pears, cherries, or plums. Grapes are an instant laxative, cucumbers must be peeled, peppers give me a pepper-flavored burp all day long. I recently found out I have to say no to avocado as well. Agh.

And tomatos became one of them as well.

I heard (or dreamed) that peeling the skin might ease the reaction, as in a cucumber's case. So I painstakingly crisscrossed each tiny tomato and blanched them for 30 seconds.



After that, you dump them into an ice bath.  Luckily the skin was very easy to peel-- it just came out of the skin.


Then I made a kind of marinade with dashi, soy sauce, mirin, sugar and vinegar.


Pour the liquid into peeled tomatoes.



A. Blanching totally killed the sweetness of fabulous sun golds.
B. It's still too raw and my throat gets scratchy.

I am very sad to say goodbye to one of my favorite summer fruits.
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  • Dude, I’m sorry. That’s really sad.
    Why is nature doing this to one’s body suddenly?

    I actually feel you on the subject. Found out last week that I can’t eat (basically any) fruit or drink orange juice anymore – it’s an instant laxative and crazed up guts for the rest of the day. Any dairy, cheese or chocolate product is a no no as well.

    I guess we just have to go on an oyster & champagne diet for the rest of our lives then?

    Anders on

  • Does that mean our bodies have become too used to unhealthy food? All this healthy stuff is bad for us???

    Sakura on

  • What? Anders with no chocolate? The times, they are a changing.

    yoko on

  • Sorry to hear about your growing list of allergic reactions.

    I’m guessing you probably buy organic already, but have you tried organic to see if there is a lesser reaction? They spray so much crap on fruits and veggies these days, it’s hard not to imagine our bodies would react to it.

    seri on

  • If/when I start allergic reaction to alcohol, please just shoot me. There’s no purpose to live. Anders, I don’t do oysters since they look too vigina and the texture is vulva-esque, but yes to champagne diet.

    yamahomo on

  • Wow, that is a sad post, but there are so any other wonderful things to eat, like meat and cookies. My bff Sarah Nevada (The Big Feed!) found out she is allergic to shellfish when we went out for crabs :( But as long as we can all eat butter I think we are ok. On another note, like most Asians, I am allergic to alcohol, but I power through the red-faced uncomfort like a champ.

    tomo on

  • When eating Healthy Natural Foods for Humans (Natural Raw Plant foods) & getting “sick” as a result likely it is not “sickness” but a Detox reaction. The Pure food in its raw form has a cleansing effect. I would suggest looking into Hygienics, Raw Veganism, & Water Fasting for more information.

    Aqua on

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