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Sorry about this unseasonable post, I totally forgot about it.

I always wondered what the big deal was about ramps. Most high-end restaurants boast ramps on their menus during the spring season, but I was never interested in it for some reason.

We have a very convenient Greenmarket on Wednesdays outside of my work, so one day, I decided to see what this ramp craze was all about. Unfortunately, that day I had plans to go out for happy hour. After a couple of martinis, I stumbled home, and when I opened my bag, there were the ramps. Must. Cook. Before I pass out...

So I blanched the leaves, and put them in the fridge to do something the next day.


What to do with the roots?


Drunk Yamahomo found a jar of ginger in honey, which I occasionally use for baking. Hm, I thought, pickled ramp roots might be a good idea.


So I dumped the roots, added soy sauce, vinegar to the honey/ginger mixture.  I think I was supposed to blanch them before putting in pickling liquid, but hey, I was drunk.


The next day, I went to Buona Italia in the Chelsea Market and bought octopus, mixed with ramps, and poured a vinegar-miso sauce over it.


Oh My God, I now fully understand why ramps are such a big deal. When eaten raw, it has garlic-scallion taste, that's kinda bitter and even spicy. But once it's blanched, it becomes VERY sweet and awesome.

I was missing out on A LOT by not using ramps more often before. Next spring, I will definitely get bunch and create more dishes. The roots?  They are even better now. I waited for about 2 weeks, and they are spicy, sweet (from the honey), and pickled quite nicely. I use them instead of garlic, just chopped up for salad dressings and things

Drunk cooking sometime creates horrible things, but sometimes, it can produce amazing results. Please do not ask me for the exact recipe of this, for obvious reasons. I do not remember...
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  • I love drunk cooking! So inspired!

    Sakura on

  • Drunk cooking for me just means ramen with an egg dropped in it. Yamahomo is another breed of crazy.

    kayoko on

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