I am still MO-ing. Just like many of my other endeavors, I have the tendency to keep tackling something until I am satisfied. I think I am nearing the end of this MO-Journey. There are endless ways to create MO-Desserts, and as I said last week, you can substitute regular flour with rice flour for many cakes, cookies, etc. I've made a couple of cakes, but they are not that distinctive or much of the MO-element, so it's not as fun.

By the way, I have to adjust the recipe for CreMO Brulee.  Instead of 1/4 cup of rice flour, you should actually use 1/3 cup so that it thickens nicely. Also if you want to make sure the batter to solidify, you should add a packet of gelatin. I realized 1/4 cup of flour won't make it thick enough, and ends up being too runny.

Spring has finally sprung, and just like every year, spring seems to be gone already based on this past weekend's weather. I saw a bundle of rhubarb at green market, and thought about using this as part of this week's MO-ing, using CreMO Brulee as the base.

First I made rhubarb jam type of concoction. I had about 2 pounds of rhubarb, and added about a cup of sugar. Cook until it looks like jam.



Instead of milk this week, I used coconut milk. Just like the regular method, use 1/4 cup sugar, 1/3 cup rice flour, and 600ml coconut milk. I added a packet of gelatin this time.


I poured jam on top of the Coconut Milk CreMO. I forgot to take a pic of final product. Oops.

The result? Everyone loved it, but I didn't. The rhubarb was a bit too sour for me, and I don't like coconut flavored desserts in general. It tasted like something you might find in Southeast Asia. The sweet and sour combination was brilliant though, so I guess it works.

Then I found nicely ripen mango at a street vendor, and tried to make mango pudding, combined with the regular vanilla CreMO Brulee base.

I cut up five mangoes.


Blend them with a bit of milk. Since these mangoes were super sweet, no need to add sugar.


Then I heated up one cup of milk, with a packet of gelatin. Mix together.

First pour the vanilla CreMO-base, wait until it sets, then pour mango on top.


The result?  Horrible. The CreMO part didn't settle too well, and mango part ended up being too solid. The mixture of vanilla flavored CreMO and mango didn't go well at all.

I think this is a sign that I should move on to a new obsession.
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  • My favorite part:
    The result? Everyone loved it, but I didn’t. The rhubarb was a bit too sour for me, and I don’t like coconut flavored desserts in general.

    Yamahomo may be a diva, but at the end, he creates food for others before himself. He’s so nurturing and selfless. I love you, Yama!

    kayoko on

  • E for effort!!!

    Esther on

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