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Japanese are very clever on naming things.  They come up with some English mixing with Japanese.  For example, Bridgestone (tire company)'s founder's name is Ishibashi (Ishi=stone, bashi=bridge), Suntory's founder's name is Torii.  Flipping Torii-san become Suntory.  

Pan (or Pain in some Euro word) means bread.  Da in Japanese means something like "is". Hence this post, Pan-da, mean cute animal shaped bread.  Panda bread it is.

My friend Mel sent me a link of this recipe, and I was very fascinated by the cuteness factor of it and decided make it the other day.  

Ingredients are as follows:

The process:

1. Mix milk and egg yolk and microwave it until it's about 100-ish degree.  Sprinkle yeast and let it sit for a bit.
2. Mix all the rest together, and slowly pour the above milk/yeast mixture.
3. Once it gets mixed, kneed it until it's shiny and elastic.  I had to add a lot more flour since it was very soft dough.  
4. Divide the dough into half.  One of them will be mixed with green tea paste.
5. Divide the other half of the dough into 1/3 and 2/3.  Mix cocoa paste into 1/3 portion.
6. let them rise till volume becomes double.
7. punch them and now the fun starts.
8. Take 


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