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I had a busy weekend, and didn't have time to cook so I dug up old pictures for this week's ReCPY.

When making burgers, inevitably you have to make fries as well. However, I cannot fry fries, since my BF doesn't eat fried food. I have made oven baked fries, but it's always a bit soggy. I was looking around a recipe to make good and crispy baked fries, and I found it.

The key is to par-boil cut potatoes till it's almost tender. I don't think I need to list ingredients for this post.

1. Cut potato to your preferred thickness.
2. Dump them in cold water, and boil them until they are 3/4 done, but not soft.
3. Drain and dry them, then put them onto cookie sheet, and make sure you coat each potato with olive oil, then sprinkle with whatever the spices you like. I usually just add salt, and this time I added thyme leaves.
4. Put them in 400˚F oven, and bake for 15 minutes, flip them, and bake an additional 10-15 minutes until you like.


I thought boiling them would make them soggy, but I was totally wrong.


When it was done, we were too hungry and we dove straight into them. They were so good, I totally forgot to take pictures of the final product...

I like using my meat grinder attachment for making burgers. Grinding steak meat to make burger is pretty awesome. You never know what's in pre-ground meat and making it yourself makes you feel better about what you are eating.

Beautiful sirloin steak makes the best burgers.


I even made homemade buns. This will be an another ReCPY.


*Yamahomo likes cooking and baking. He prefers staying in kitchen all weekend long than being outside. Come back every Monday to check out his new creations on ReCPY.
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  • I'm sad you forgot to take pics of the fries, but that RAW BEEF sure looks awesome. Would prolly make an excellent beef tartare??

    kayoko on

  • Home made buns even… your hard core!

    Melissa Good Taste on

  • Having made many a burger, sirloin is actually one of my least favorite cuts to use. It's far too lean to make a juicy, 1/4 lb patty. I think 85% lean chuck is best for an easy burger (or the Shake Shack style chuck/sirloin/brisket mix ain't bad either). But just sirloin alone makes a dry burger, and is too expensive to really feel good about grinding. If I ever find myself stuck with ground sirloin, I make a "boursin burger"… create a patty of ground sirloin around a ball of boursin cheese, then grill as usual. The cheese gives the sirloin some much needed moistness and fats, and it makes an impressive-looking cheeseburger.

    Anonymous on

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