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I had a dinner party and had pulled pork sandwich (of course I don't have pictures, totally didn't even think about it), but gays apparently don't eat buns. What the hell is wrong with us? No carb/ fat/ sweets, but a gallon of booze is always accompanied with everything. Once we have an inch of fat around the belly though, it's the end of the world, and we all might as well die.

Anyhow, the next day, I had bunch of buns from Amy's Bread, and I didn't want to waste them, so decided to make some kind of burger. My usual choice is to grind my own steak and make a juicy burger, but the night before was filled with pork, so a fish burger sounded good. I'm not allowed to  serve fried food at home, so when I was at the fish market, I decided to use salmon.

I've seen and eaten salmon burgers at places, but they are always too flaky, and not meaty enough. However, by making your own salmon burger, you can chop up the meat however chunky or fine you want, so it's definitely better quality.

Here is the recipe.


1lb Salmon minced (or chopped)
1 Egg beaten
2tbs Hoisin sauce
1tbs Soy sauce
1tsp Fish sauce
1tsp Sesame oil
1/4 Red pepper
2 stalks Scallions
1tsp Grated ginger
1tsp Grated garlic
1/4cup Panko
3/4cup Panko to cover burger

I found an awesome fish sauce from Japan. Instead of bunch of fish fermented, this one (second from right) only uses ayu (sweetfish) and salt.  It's a lot more subtle than regular fish sauce, but has depth to it. This small bottle costs $15, so it must be pretty good.


Ingredients (at the end, I didn't use the onion, by the way).


Chop salmon. This is more like salmon tartar consistency than minced salmon.


Mix all the ingredients, except for the 3/4cup of panko, divide into four (could be definitely six), make a round shape, and cover in panko.


I pan-fried these babies. Although salmon is sashimi quality, you kind of want to cook it through.  When you have a burger, and seeing raw in the middle is kind of gross, no matter what meat may be (except for beef)


You can use any condiment of your choice. I used lettuce and tomato.


It looks pretty good right?


I added Kewpie mayo on mine too. Salmon is usually a bit too fishy for me, but with all the Asian sauces added a nice flavor