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Summer seems to be coming to an end. In my imaginary backyard, we have a blueberry tree (do they grow on trees, or on the ground?) and it is harvest season right now. What do you do when you have a bunch of blueberries? Make a pie or tart. I just found the easiest recipe and tried it twice in my own interpretation, and it's definitely a fool-proof recipe. There's no cold butter, nor any mix-it-quickly-before-the-butter-melts kind of complicated processes whatsoever.

For crust:

1 Stick of butter (original recipe said 7 tbsp of butter, but why not use one more tbsp to make it one whole stick?)
1 Cup of flour
1/3 Cup of sugar

1. Melt butter, take off the heat, and add sugar and flour.


2. Mix together


3. Dump into tart pan.


4. With your fingers, spread them evenly, then poke with fork.


5. Bake in 375˚F for 18 minutes or so, until golden.


Meanwhile, the blueberries:

6. Mix 3 pint of blueberry, 1/2 cup of sugar, 2 tbsp corn starch, and juice of one lemon.


7. Cook until thick. Don't overcook. It's done when there are still visible blueberries left.


8. Dump the filling into the crust. Cool in the fridge.


This crust is almost cookie-like, and it stays very crisp even after a day. Alternately, you can cook two pints of berries with same amount of other ingredients, and place one pint of fresh blueberry on top. Due to my fruit allergy, I cooked all three pints.

I don't like fruit pies or tarts, but it was a big hit at work. It's funny how I leave this in the work kitchen with a "help yourself" note, and mysteriously everyone knows it's me and I get thank you e-mails. They eat everything I make, so maybe I will sneak in some laxative and create Bathroom Hell at work. Hehe.
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  • Brilliant. I think even a baker-hater like myself could master this.

    Also, way to stay within the R theme, Yama. Well done.

    kayoko on

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