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Going through my camera and found some random pics from my trip to Vegas a few weeks ago.

The complimentary parmesan that gets carved at your table in the beginning of the meal, at Il Mulino at Caesar's. The meal was disappointing however.

Also at Il Mulino, you get homemade grappa at the end of the meal, which came in this large copper vat. Hello brother!

Went to Bouchon in the Venetian for breakfast. The interior was airy and super French bistro-like (think Balthazar), but the food was mucho mediocre.

Best thing at Bouchon was their Bloody Mary. Tart, spicy, and the homemade celery salt was a nice touch.

This little Bouchon ball logo paper covering the butter was really cute- but it only masks the gloppy soft butter underneath. BLEGH!!! Marmelade on the side.

We had a great meal at a casual noodle place in the Bellagio, aptly named Noodle. Bustling, fast service, clean, with simple Asian comfort foods. You could get the equivalent meal at NYC's Great NY Noodle Town for a fifth of the price, but this was a nice break from all the fancy eating in Vegas.

Excellent siu mai.

Wonton noodle soup.

Long line at Noodle.

Awesome outdoor cocktails overlooking Wynn's huge waterfall at the Parasol. Sadly, my batteries ran out so I don't have pics of this lovely courtyard area, but my pear ginger cocktail was delightful. I truly want to live at the Wynn.

Drinks at the Peppermill Fireside Lounge. Very old school smutty Vegas feeling- and there's actually a fire pit in the middle of the bar. Glorious Vegas kitch. Plus I lost a few dollars on their computer poker machines built into the bar.

We left on New Year's Eve, so the streets were already overflowing with people. There was this Budweiser truck in front of Paris selling these insanely huge bottles of Bud, and making "Jager Bombs." Is that a thing now? Cause that's gross.

Some mermaid theme bar inside Caesar's Palace. Gotta love Vegas!

My dad won like $1000 off of this. Don't knock the quarter slots!

Slot machines at the airport. Look, it's the NYC skyline!!!



  • Oh my god, Peppermill! Do you remember when there was one in Cupertino where this is now that atrocious “BJ’s Brewery”? My dad used to love going to the Peppermill. I remember going with him as a 4 year-old, marveling at the long-slitted dress women.

    yoko on

  • I went to Bouchon in Yountville. It was good, but I wasn’t blown away. I had also heard so much about it – maybe there was too much hype. The profiteroles were awesome though.

    yoko on

  • YESSS!!! i used to go there with Maria!!! those were the good ol’ days of Cupertino.

    kayoko on

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