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Damn, Kayoko, you went to the real one? Well, I went to the cheapo version of Craft for lunch today. Yep, I took 2 hour lunch break, and felt great!

Out of many restaurants that participates in RW, we thought this place had the most varieties of choices. They had 10 appetizers to choose from, 7 or so main course, and 5 dessert, including cheese course.

I haven't done this for like ever. Last time I went to Brasserie, and stupid me, ordered too many drinks, ended up spending about $70 or so, which totally lost the point of going to RW...

This time, I successfully resisted the urge to order wine, just stuck with 3 course meal for $24.07. By the way, I thought it used to be $20.01 in 2001, and should be $20.08 for this year? What happened to the pricing? But it was still cheap enough.

This was Christy's Pecorino fondue with honey, hazelnut and pepperoncini. Cheesy, sweet, and spicy mixture was quite interesting. It was more like melted cheese than fondue, though.

Molly ordered home cured smoked salmon with creme freche. Smoked salmon was very lightly smoked, so tasted almost fresh. Or was it even smoked? Maybe it was just home cured salmon...

I ordered speck, cheese, collard green crostini. All the appetizers had SO MUCH bread underneath, and I was a bit skeptical about the main course. Maybe they are trying to fill us up before main course, since the portions are super small?

I was wrong. Main course portions were just right. Maybe be even too generous for $24.07...

Christy ordered salmon with brussel sprouts and apples. There was some jelly type thing, which looked similar to salmon itself in color, but tasted like apple jelly. Inside was pink and outside was crispy. Cooked to perfection.

My main course was beef short rib with beets, and shallots. It was very flaky, all the beets were cut the exact same size, and the sauce was red wine and red wine vinegar base. Very yummy.

Molly ordered duck prosciutto and mushroom panini (though they call it a sandwich). A bit strong too mushroomy, and not enough taste of duck, but good.

After the main course, we were already full, but we couldn't pass dessert.

I ordered brown sugar cake with roasted pear and eggnog ice cream. Ice cream tasted more like pumpkin spiced ice cream than eggnog, but very refreshing. Cake wasn't too sweet thanks to the brown sugar.

Christy ordered butterscotch pudding with ginger snaps (I think). It was good.

Molly ordered the cheese course, which disgusted me so much. I mean, who the hell orders CHEESE for dessert?! It was also all the VERY stinky kind. Goat cheese tasted like soap, the others were filled with molds. I know people love blue, bree, romano, pecorino, etc., but I HATE CHEESE.

Overall experience was very excellent. Service was a bit slow, but nice. I will go back there.


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  • I’ll never understand why New Yawkers put up with being served such tiny “portions” of food by waitstaff with contempable attitudes!

    I’d certainly not tolerate it, but then you NEVER get that kind of shoddy treatment here in Arkansas.

    As a man of fine breeding and wordliness (and a PhD, if that excites you), I assure you that I have traveled to New York (should you wish to question the basis for my opinion). I have found that New York’s well-regarded restaurant Red Lobster affords me the kind of VALUE (in terms of price and portion size) that befits a man of my stature.

    DocChuck on

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