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(sand)Wich Hunt: Brooklyn Gourmet Deli (NYC)

You know it's true: it's damn near impossible these days to find a good sandwich. What's up with that? I mean seriously, it should NOT be that hard to make a decent-tasting sandwich. I blame Subway's $5 Footlong entirely-- they've made it impossible for the public to have any standards when it comes to the art of the sammy. What a tragedy.

That said, I randomly stumbled into Brooklyn Gourmet Deli on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, the last time I was in town. The decor is not what I would call "gourmet", it really looks like your ordinary corner store, if not better lit and cleaner than most. But never mind this-- the most important fact is that this little deli is bringing integrity back into the sandwich. YES!

First thing you notice when you walk in is that the sandwich station is positioned much higher than ground-level, above the meat fridge, creating something of a centerstage upon which all hungry onlookers look up to gaze.

(sand)Wich Hunt: Brooklyn Gourmet Deli (NYC)

There was a long line around noon, and I patiently waited at the end of the line with other local folk-- not so many hipsters, as is the usual crowd in this neighborhood. Rather, it was the working folk on their lunch break, like EMT guys and a dude that looked like he was from The Wire (yes, they get a lunch break too). No matter, we were all mesmerized by the meticulous movements of the BGD Sandwich Master.

This theater is definitely worth checking out: with short, speedy moves, The BGD Master slices the bread, puts it in the toaster, and slithers the meat of your choice through the deli slicer. Then, he carefully adds one item atop the other, slathering the mayo and mustard and stuffing peppers and tomatoes into the sandwich along the way.

He places the sandwich into the plastic box, along with a banana, and other goodies, like sliced cucumber. How lovely!

(sand)Wich Hunt: Brooklyn Gourmet Deli (NYC)

No frills here, nothing fancy. Just a fluffy hero, an abundance of roast beef, some horseradish cheddar, extra onions and peppers. Mmmm... All the sandwiches have silly names like "The Godfather". I forgot what mine was called but, but it was one excellent sandwich, made and packaged with love and care. And only like $6. Does Subway give you a banana with their grossass sandwich? I don't think so.

Let there be integrity in every sandwich!

313 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NYC
T: 718.486.8261