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I am back from my trip to CA and WA. It was nice hanging out with mom, but 10 straight days was a bit too much. Eating out every meal for 10 days was not cool either. I did have good meals, but not as much as I could have. Mom also cooks like me, and it's very difficult to find a place where we both get impressed. Oh, I made it to Sushi Kuni, and had a wonderful time with Kayoko's parents (I will write about it soon).

So I was in SF, looking for some cute food item to bring back. We went to the ferry terminal, which was quite nice, a lot better than Chelsea market, where I can totally see it's becoming chain stores in a year or two. I stopped by at one of the stores where they carry lots of "useless", but "cute" with "totally rip off price tag" on it. Gourmet pasta, shaped like the Golden Gate Bridge, (just kidding), lots of Italian olive oils, expensive ponzu sauce, etc., etc. Then I found this.

WTF! I've heard about chocolate with bacon, but I've never seen this straightforward packaging. Bacon+Chocolate= ?? Yeah, there are a lot of sweet and salty combo at pastry shops and expensive restaurants, but this is so real.

This bacon looks so real that I can just eat it. I don't know how much of airbrushing business going on to make it look this real, but they did a good job attracting suckers like me.

There are bits of bacon in it. I even ate the bacon by itself, and it was bacon.

$7.99 for a bar of fucking chocolate, but I sucked up and bought it. I thought, man, all the people at work will be so happy to see this weird, fun chocolate from California. Then I looked the back side of the package while tasting it. WTF! They are from Chicago, have two stores there, and THERE IS A SHOP ON SPRING STREET HERE IN NYC! Even worse, apparently you can find this at your local Whole Foods too. I went all the way to California, totally excited about buying a bar of exotic chocolate, then find out I can get it at Whole Foods... I bet it's cheaper too...

It's so hard to find local gift items that is made locally. Sustainable food is very big in CA, but I don't think they think too much about tourists who are looking for locally made items that are not packaged in fucking glass jars. Airlines charge an arm and a leg for every pound, and we can't afford buying jars of pickled string beans, or artichoke hearts any more... Farmers, come up with a lighter packaging scheme, then your sale will grow. Mom was trying to buy gifts for her friends, but basically everything was made in China. Good chocolates are from Europe. She had a hard time finding something from California... See's Candy might be the only one from San Francisco?

If you want your bacon chocolate indulgence, NYC store location is below.

132 Spring Street
T: 212.625.2929


  • omg i love the bacon bar. Fumiko introduced me to this and it’s absolutely my favorite chocolate bar ever. Vosges also makes a green tea bar that is equally awesome.

    they also have a shop in the Upper East Side on Madison.

    i’m determined to go to this chocolate place called TCHO in SF the next time i’m out there. will report back.

    kayoko on

  • Bay area chocolate recommendation: Scharffen berger – el swisso! Seriously, it can compete easily with Euro chocolates.

    yoko on

  • How funny I have never heard of chocolate covered Bacon til I read RY’s post - and now here’s another post from Serious Eats on it…still doesnt sound appealing to me

    Hamamama on

  • hamamama! what’s the rest of that link? can’t find it on SE.

    nice to hear from you!!!

    kayoko on

  • This is a NorCal chocolate, not Bay Area, about 90 miles inland, but they are super, duper good. Moms thinks they’re better than See’s. If you’re in NutSac (that is, Sacramento, California), go see ‘em (after you go get a chile relleno and some carnitas, of course). Their salted chocolate caramels are fantastic. Plus they’re sweethearts, and you can tell from their waistlines that they get high from their own supply.

    amy ann on

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