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Just got these pics by She-Rene, who I ran into outside at the SF Underground Market a couple weeks ago. I confess I never made it inside where the market was being held. I showed up to this discreet warehouse, on a side street in the SOMA district, and the line literally snaked down the street and into a neighboring lot. CRAZY!

As I crouched down and tried to sneak a peak into the jam-packed market (all I saw were a sea of sneakers and ballet flats), an onlooker told me that they had already let in hundreds of people in the first couple of hours! I guess throughout the night they had 1,200 visitors. So awesome for them.

The SF Underground Market brings together a slew of vendors, local farmers, purveyors and even novice cooks who sell anything from jam, honey and home-brewed kombucha, to salumi straight from Italy. One stand selling pork buns ran out of buns, says She-Rene! Sad.

The market is a members-only collective, which you can sign up for here, for free. It was founded by ForageSF, and this marked the third event. They've become extremely well-supported by the community and press, and the market venue keep getting bigger and bigger to accommodate the crowds.

From She-Rene's pics, looks like it was a ton of boisterous fun, and super successful. Congrats, ForageSF! I will make sure to get there very EARLY for the next one.

All photos by She-Rene, aka themarmaladesky. Find more SF Underground Market photos on her Flickr page.


  • Wow this place looks like a mad house – full of eco-conscious hipsters. It reminds me of the other day when I was at the Berkeley Farmers Market and I was in line for Blue Bottle when 5 people were holding up the line chatting with the Blue Bottle person about YOGA. They all started chiming into the conversation and I was the only one feeling like a total asshole, thinking in my head “ugh, Californian zen hippies, I NEED my coffee. No time for new age chit chat.” I probably need a few more months to shake off the nervy, rude exterior shell I built up while in Tokyo…

    yoko on

  • I thought the event was going to be intimate shin dig but it was a madhouse! I bought a bottle of that Oakland honey and it’s good stuff. Have been putting it on E V E R Y T H I N G. The other thing I dug was the organic, grass-fed beef jerky from JerkyGirl ( They need to sell that ish at Costco.

    sherene on

  • ok, that market looks crazy dope.

    Now I have to go to C-town and get some pork buns.

    rikomatic on

  • I should clarify that this market is not year-round, but rather, organized one-by-one. There is no set schedule, and it just pops up randomly. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter to stay tuned for the next one.

    kayoko on

  • great pics she-rene!

    qyang on

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