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I am in SFO this week with my mom. Surprisingly mother is doing pretty well despite 17 hour time difference between here and Japan. We are having a very good time, especially in terms of the dining scene. I will blog all about it once I get back to New York, but I had to write about my new finding of the day.

Dear Diary,
I was in Galleria in SFO today, and found SGY. Abbreviation of So Green Yogurt. Yes, this is another copy cat of Pinkberry/Red Mango/redberry/pinkmango shit. The storefront looks exactly like Pinkberry, sans the Alessi craps. It's not green, instead it's blue themed joint. The machine (whatever it might be) was EXACTLY the same I see at Pinkberry. The taste was EXACTLY the same as Pinkberry, which is 100% fake, the way I like. It wasn't thick like Red Mango, and it had just the right amount of fakeness.

However, what about the name? So Green Yogurt?! What the hell does it mean? I understand California is all about green, from sustainable vegetation (which I saw a sustainable food market at the Ferry Terminal, where everything was wilting, green peppers looked like old man's ball sacks, if you know what I mean... I guess they are not as sturdy as pesticide filled vegetables...), to using all recyclable bags. Is that why Green? What is green about this product called frozen "non fat" yogurt? There are no natural ingredients in it, fake milk, fake sweetness, fake everything, just I described in my letter to Red Mango.

People in NYC say "Hey, do you wanna Pinkberry?" Do people in SFO say "Hey, do you wanna SGY?" L.A.M.E.!

Suggestion to SGY. Why don't you name your brand something like "Pinkishberry", or "Redmangolike", or "YES, I copied the recipe!"?

I am also surprised I haven't seen any Pinkberrys in this town. Is it only in LA and NYC?

After walking around town all day, it did taste pretty refreshing. I will give it this much.


  • I am with my mom, can’t have burrito. It’s too much for her. Tell Sushi Kuni Yamahomos are coming for lunch tomorrow (hope I don’t get lost).

    Yamahomo on

  • do people really say “do you wanna Pinkberry?” that is hilarious.

    ah, san francisco. can’t wait to hear about where you’re eating. please at least get a burrito.

    Sushi Kuni!!!

    kayoko on

  • welcome home moto!

    Anonymous on

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