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Drove down to Palm Springs last weekend for Sashe's fabulous wedding weekend. It was to be a fun-filled weekend of old friends, celebrating love, excellent food, tanning by the pool, and dancin, Dancin, DANCIN!

The bad news?? Getting there. The only thing standing in the way between me and my Palm Springs tan was the Interstate 5. Ugh. Worst freeway in the world: colorless, sceneryless and a total bore of a drive.

I hadn't driven down the 5 in years though, so before I left I googled, "Where to eat off the 5." A Chowhound thread pointed me to the Apricot Tree, which supposedly made a kickass apricot shake. Done and done. When I saw the awesome sign for it just north of stinky Harris Ranch, I turned off the highway. Never mind it was 10am- I wanted to try that shake, and nothing was going to stop me.

Check out the restaurant! It's like a chateau!

As the exterior suggests, the inside is huge, with really kookie decor. Old tin lunchboxes lined the ceiling; their accompanying thermoses were displayed in glass cases. The menu was typical diner food, and the breakfast looked awesome.

Random movie paraphernalia all over the restaurant- like FABIO!!!

I asked for an apricot shake to go. Here's the guy making it for me to order.

He told me that it was vanilla ice cream, milk and frozen apricots. They harvest the apricots from the summertime and freeze them. Ohhh yahhh!!!

It was a bit sweet, but well worth the stop. How many places in this world serves an apricot shake??? So next time you're taking that boreathon of a drive down the 5 between the Bay Area and LA, take a pit stop at the Apricot Tree- you won't miss the sign, trust me.

Apricot Tree
46272 W. Panoche Road
Firebaugh, CA 93622
T: 559.659.2028


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  • I hope you stopped at Harris Ranch. It’s fantastic as you probably already know. I make a point of stopping there at least once on my Bay-LA and back journeys.

    Paystyle on

  • And they give you anpan-man napkins? That’s so cool.

    Yamahomo on

  • Eat at the Harris Ranch – Ranch Kitchen. GREAT FOOD!

    Melissa Good Taste on

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