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Shirohige Ramen Truck (SF)
Shirohige Ramen Truck (SF)

Two words: RAMEN TRUCK.

Is this not the raddest thing you've ever heard? Cause it should be. I know, I know, the food truck scene is so The 00's. Ramen is now borderline boring to blabber on about (there are only so many ways I can get creative about describing noodles in broth with pork slices). But I can't say I've seen a ramen truck anywhere in the States. Have you?

Turns out, by total happenstance, that I know the man behind the truck, Jackson, from my film festival days in NYC. How surprised was I when I saw his cute beanie head in an SF Weekly blog post. Dude is so awesome for doing this!!!! SHIROHIGE FTW!

He's only been out on random weekends since December, in the Hayes Valley neighborhood in SF. His clientele (and Twitter following) is steadily growing, and he serves about 200 heads per weekend now!

I caught up with Jackson over chat-- here are the funny bits.


Jackson: Our eggs are purplish because we put green tea in em
me: Awesome
Jackson: I'm thinking of going a whole day to pickle them this time, but it might be overkill.
2:38 PM

Jackson: Ok so some really good feedback was that people want more soup.
I'm not a huge soup man
I like noodles
but people want more soup
and they're right, ramen is about soup
so we'll give them mo better soup.
3:00 PM

Jackson: I think people are finally coming around to the realization that most people on Yelp just want to complain. Also people keep giving me 3.5 stars and rounding to 3.
4:42 PM


Yelp bitches, COME ON. Stop rounding down, for fuck's sake!!! Throw the guy a bone-- he's making ramen out of a... TRUCK! All the soup stocks are from scratch; roasts his own pork (which was so excellent btw); marinates his own eggs; adds all the toppings and then some (kimchi and a delightful housemade garlic/black sesame combo). All at $7 a bowl!

Seriously, he's my hero.

But it seems my hero is going on hiatus for a little while until he finds a truck of his own (he's been renting one, and it hasn't been easy getting all the permits and what not). As we do for all food trucks, stay tuned for all updates @ShirohigeRamen.

Jackson, you better be back. Don't you dare bounce on us now. We eagerly await your comeback. (Don't call it a comeback!)

A tour of the truck, its cramped kitchen and our own little feast on the little lawn furniture on the UM Flickr page.