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Inspired by the Food Network's Ace of Cakes (such creativity!!! I love them!), Sara and I took a cupcake break this weekend at Lark Cake Shop in Silverlake- it's a darling little bakery on Sunset with gorgeous jewel-like cupcakes and cakes.

Lark beholds a wonderous galaxy of wacky cupcake flavors that are (almost) too cute to eat. Here are some that were available on Saturday.

Lone Red Velvet.

Famed Old-Fashioned Icebox cupcake.

Chocolate Coconut.

Carrot Cake.

They also have an array of cookies and brownies.

Gorgeous polkadotted cake!

Really simple, whimsical wall design which is just red push pins in cupcake wrappers.

They whip the cream cheese frosting to be so light and fluffy- it definitely beats any frosting I had from Magnolia or Buttercup. This post is dedicated to Lauren. Red velvet misses you!


3337 W. Sunset Blvd
T: 323.667.2968


  • yay, lark cake shop!!! I’m kind of glad I discovered it late or else i’d eat a cupcake every weekend.

    sadly, they didn’t have the shortbread cupcake which has light and fluffy icing for those that don’t have as much of a sweet tooth. so good!!

    saaara on

  • That’s sort of the fate of these small neighborhoods that were once considered swarmy, ain’t it Pay? I do remember the LES- now it’s frat row! but that’s just the evolution of cities, I think.

    Just wait for them to get to your hood, Pay- NY Mag just called Ditmas Park the new SF. HA!!!

    kayoko on

  • Such a shame what the hipsters have done to Silverlake. I’m all for cute cupcakes, but that area used to really have some character. Imagine the LES before the millionaires moved in…

    Paystyle on

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