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What defines youth? 
Is it the age of our bodies when they’re crisp and fresh and still full of get go? Or is it more of a spiritual definition?

Sometimes age really is just a number.

My parents are good friends with a married couple who are in their 60’s but act nothing like it-– in a good way. Basically they maintain the energy of a seven year old: the man is a painter, the woman a teacher and a cook, and I don’t think they ever have a dull moment in their life.


Situated near the city Struer in the Northern part of Jutland, DK they live in a beautiful house with an inlet view, running a bed & breakfast inn, painting, working in their garden, teaching, writing cookbooks, hosting cooking school nights for adults, attending meditation seminars-- and this December they’re traveling to India for three months working for charity at two different poor children's homes, Slumdog Millionaire-style.


Cooking is a passionate interest shared by both of them, and their big house and lush garden witness of an ongoing work schedule that caters to the actions of the kitchen and pleasures of the stomach.

Last week I popped in for a visit to inspect their most recent project: a home built orangerie.


It’s an indoor garden with lots of different vegetables, fruit trees including oranges of course (hence the French name orangerie), herbs, flowers and spices, but also a kitchen space where you can cook a hot stew in a green environment while the snow is falling right on top of you.


It even has a fireplace for those long winter nights.


Since the orangerie was finished this spring they are spending most of their time out here, nursing the plants, enjoying a meal or taking a nap in company of their cute little Scotch Terrier named Samson.


I like the very rustic, French garden flavour.

When I arrive, I’m treated to a heapful of home baked waffles. YUM!


Soft yet crisp with a powdery layer of icing sugar and homemade Aronia berry jam (the newest trend in the anti-oxidant berry business). I think I ate more than twenty waffles.


On a table I spotted this batch of freshly made yellow plum sugar syrup from the garden trees.


Didn't get to sample it unfortunately.

I'm fondling some Fragrant Geranium which has a kind of citrussy/lemony smell.


The outdoor stove is very practical, and I like its coral-coloured flower accessory decor.


Colour-coordinated table arrangement. All home made of course. The bowl is sturdy Swedish ceramics.


I really like their simple stairway-- so Scandinavian.


The couple may be busy most of their time awake, and God knows where they get their energy from.


On the other hand, who can work up a stress when you can sit down on this bench any time of the day, listen to the birds singing and admire the view across the lush fields and ships on the water?
Column: Skankynavia


  • hey lay off, i love that map! great font of the cities.

    i had never heard of an orangerie before this. those pancakes— YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

    i want to be that dog.

    kayoko on

  • I had no idea where Denmark was located. Thanks for geographical information.

    Yamahomo on

  • Snarky Yamahomo: for your information quite a large percentage of Americans – AND Japanese think Denmark is the capital in Holland. Hell, most of your peeps don’t even hold a passport.

    Kayoko: thanks, those are waffles though.

    Anders on

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