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Ok, so this is a post where everything went wrong.

I thought I was going to report on a dinner party with nice pictures of Scandinavian kitchenware, but then the snow storm arrived, people cancelled and the host's apartment was way too dark to take any real nice photos. But hey, I tried and we had a good time anyway. There were some delicious dishes on the table.

First I have to say that reporting on food can actually be very stressful. One minute the food is there, and next thing you know- it's gone! Chump! You're a guest and you talk to friends and drink some wine and suddenly you forget all about your camera and your blog post and it's all too late.


But.. here we go! This gay hostess with the mostess is one of my very good friends. He's a designer in chief, has a sharp eye and a strong opinion on design, and he eats very healthily so I wasn't expecting a high cal dinner. He lives in a new suburban area in a trendy high rise. Most of the apartment consists of one, big window.

Oh, and he also has two cats.

Two very weird cats of the species Cornish Rex which is an articially bred, weirdly looking furball with very weak genes. If you mate it with a normal cat, the Cornish Rex's KZ Camp prisoner 1945 look is gone with the wind and a regular looking kitten is released from the mother cat's vagina.


Completely hairless, sporting only soft silky down like unborn baby lambs. Weird, huh.



Anorectic bat + albino rat + homosexual designer caretaker = gay alien cat.


They're running around like crazy, skating over every surface almost tipping over wineglasses and flower pots. They're like bats without wings, kinda scary. My friend even has a self operating robot vacuum cleaner that turns on and sweeps the apartment when he's at work. Unfortunately the cats are not a friend of it like in the famous YouTube-video, Cat rides vacuum cleaner.

Walnuts are placed in a bowl for spontaneous munching, Christmas style.


For starters we eat Swedish crackers (photo too shaky) and this homemade pea dip which was super delicious and super simple:


Green Pea Dip:

Frozen organic peas (peeled) are defrosted but kept cold (so they don't turn into a splat).Use a staff blender to mash the peas together with a little sea salt, good olive oil and whatever fresh herbs you want (mint, oregano etc). It's important not to blend it to infinity, you want it to be rough and sturdy. Tastes great with rustic Swedish bread.

Oh look, what's on the table?! Kaki! My friend found these in the supermarket by accident just as I was declaring I'd never seen these in Denmark.
I am emailing him Yoko's recipe for kaki and arugula salad as I'm writing this.


So, dinner's ready:


Baked beetroot and other root vegetables, teriyaki marinated chicken breasts:


Danish crunchy bread from the local Foodshop no.55:


For side dishes: green pea dressing, organic butter and the most awesome papaya salad:


The papaya salad is fresh, sweet, sour, salty, crunchy, exotic and wholesome. This salad has it all, and the recipe is:

Serves 4-6
1 medium papaya
1 red and 1 yellow pepper
3 cm fresh ginger, peeled and grated
1 red chilli, deseeded and diced
6 baby cornichons, finely sliced
6 tablespoons torn fresh coriander leaves
grated zest and juice of 3 limes
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

You can replace the papaya (or as we did: add) with avocado.
Or apple or nashi pear.

I like all the colours on my dish.


Oh my God, get off the table, you skanky vultures!



We drink this wine and it's a nr 6 and it tastes fine. (but don't ask me about wine, I'd rather drink a coke anytime). I dig this packaging though, maybe it's like Chanel perfumes?


However, this wine has an (unsurprisingly) impact on me, I forget to snap photos of the dessert.
Or at least, before I dig in and go crazy as I'm a huge fan of ice cream.

This ice cream box is made locally in Copenhagen, contains four flavours and it's really good - Italian and creamy.


From left: Caramel with Greek honey, cinnamon, chocolate and blackberry. Woah!

I could eat this every night for the rest of the year.


As a side dish we are served some super crunchy, locally baked Biscotti with fruits, almonds and pistachio nuts.


While we're eating the cats have found a cozy warm spot on the heater while observing the snow falling outside. It's cozy, maybe I should get a cat too?

Or not.
Column: Skankynavia


  • you love me. both of you. forever.

    kayoko on

  • These cats look so fierce and ugly. I am the same way about taking pictures, and Kayoko always yells at me for that… Bean dip sounds very refreshing.

    Yamahomo on

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