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Yes please! I never realised that you could get chorizo that wasn't sliced like salami ... yes, very uncultured here. That is, until I popped down to the London gourmands' perennial favourite, Borough Market, just south of the Thames and very close to gothic Southwark Cathedral, London Bridge and one of London's oldest pubs, and Shakespeare's hangouts, The George Inn (which is seriously cramped but perfect).

Borough Market 1

Borough Market 5

I first visited Borough Market ten years ago and was astounded at the variety of fresh produce and artisan products that were offered. We went and bought some seafood to grill. It was fresh, cheap and delicious, as it should be. The second time was only in January this year on a bitterly cold and icy day. We wandered around the market on a Saturday after a kick-boxing session, oohing and aahing over the mulled wine, stinky cheeses and wonderful charcuterie. And where did our noses lead us?

Chorizo Roll 2

To this wonderful stall selling fresh rolls stuffed with grilled, juicy chorizo and loads of rocket (arugula). We all thought we'd died and gone to heaven. Afterwards, I poked around a few food blogs and found this chorizo sandwich was famous indeed. And so we went back five months later specifically for this sandwich. The queues were long, the saliva was flowing and we got our hands on this:

Chorizo Roll 3

Chorizo Roll

We ate it then and there, wiping our mouths in silence as we concentrated on all the flavours that burst in our mouths.

The grill is right next to Brindisa, a Spanish tapas and grocery store and is a part of that little empire. They sell a range of amazing Jamón Ibérico and Jamón Serrano that just melt in your mouth, and which they are happy for you to taste. They even do carving classes. I recently found out that Brindisa has another small tapas bar, Tierra Brindisa, just behind where I work. I am so going to check it out when my parents are in town.


I left the market a happy bunny, with the chorizo sandwich nestling in my stomach where it belongs and having scored some fresh rocket and a jar of dulce de leche from Porteña. I've never tried dulce de leche before although I've seen it mentioned frequently on American food blogs. Tastes just like caramelised condensed milk. Yummers.

So if you are ever in London, I urge you to hop onto the Northern Line to Borough Market and get your mitts on some chorizo sandwich. At £3-60, it's really good value for money and it tastes divine! Mmm...

Unlike this picture below:

Borough Market 2

at Borough Market

8 Southwark Street

The Floral Hall, Stoney Street

T: 020.7407.1002

*Sakura is mixed Sri Lankan/Japanese, lives in London and blogs about books at chasing bawa. Her column Slightly Peckish will post every other Tuesday.
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  • Makes it even better! All the juices soak into the bread and it’s delicious!

    Sakura on

  • YUMMY!! & even more so, cos i just LOOOOOVE markets. the atmosphere, the vibe, everything that catches your senses. missing going to markets in london, esp spitalfields market. dont think i know this borough market. now i want to go to london so much!

    i guess there is no real equivalent to these markets here in Japan. i miss the london markets to the extent that sometimes i dream of organizing one here…

    you can find some of the atmospheres here and there such as in traditional festivals at shrines or flee markets and also at slightly posh organic farmers markets in the city. BUT its not the same. hope it will grow here too.

    looking forward to your reports!

    itoeri on

  • YUMMMMMMMMMM. Reminds me of my meal at the bar in Barcelona’s La Boqueria where I feasted on nothing but a giant plate of stacked chorizo sausages. But to have mixed greens and a baguette too??

    Jerkey on

  • I’m sure the Japanese markets have their own charm! If you were here, you’d miss the ones in Japan. Spitalfields has changed so much you wouldn’t recognise it now – it’s all cleaned up. Borough Market is all about food, food and more food.

    Sakura on

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