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London is scorching this week and what better way to spend a weekend than by getting a bit of sunny goodness with an absorbing book at Waterlow Park, next to Highgate Cemetary where my father's hero, Karl Marx, is buried. I get to use my brain, immerse myself in a story and work on my tan.


I found some elderflower bushes and plucked myself a sprig which smelt divine, making me want to hunt down a recipe for elderflower cordial. I normally drink the ready made stuff which makes a nice change from Vimto. Sometimes drinking water is just too boring.


After a few hours in the sun, my cold water bottle was perspiring as much as I was and my stomach was growling with hunger. So I popped down to my sis' and helped myself to some much-needed noodly goodness: mee soup or soup noodle made with chicken stock, lemongrass, a bit of ginger and soy sauce and lots of veg, chicken and half a boiled egg. This is comfort food Malaysian/Chinese style.

Slightly Peckish: Mee Soup 5

My sis makes this herself. It's really easy and you can adjust the taste to suit. She uses chicken stock (cube, fresh store-bought or boil your own-- her mother-in-law does that), a stalk of lemongrass cut into three pieces and bruised, a few slices of ginger, a dash of soy sauce, salt and chilli flakes to taste. Add chicken pieces and boil for about 15 - 20 minutes. Add any veg (mushrooms, greens, bean sprouts) in the last five minutes. Cook the noodles separately (the dried egg/rice noodles you can get in any Asian market, not the instant ramen). and then combine together just before eating.

Simple, delicious and light enough for a summer's day.

Column: Slightly Peckish


  • Ha ha, that’s soooo Californian! But I think I’ve seen enough American movies to understand your dialect!

    My dad’s such a fan, he even took a photo posing next to Marx’s grave and couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to do the same.

    Sakura on

  • sounds like you had a perfect day.

    i had Morioka Reimen(cold noodle) on sunday night. the noodles are glassy – and you have them in cold soup topped with watermelon and kimuchi : )

    try it when you are here in summer.

    itoeri on

  • Sakura- I love that your dad’s hero is Marx! That’s totally RAD!

    Do you say “rad” in the UK? Or is that soooo California?

    Will def make this soup soon! Love me a lazy soup on a hot day! Plus, this is a great way to incorporate lemongrass into my cooking.

    kayoko on

  • Lovely, any kind of noodles rock my boat but in summer I love hiyashichuuka. Isn’t it great that summer has finally reached Europe and we can all work on our tans whilst improving our brains? ;P

    Sasa on

  • Wow, watermelon and kimchi? Haven’t heard that combo before. I’ve never actually had reimen before although it always looks so yummy. I think I need to find a korean restaurant that does it here.

    Sakura on

  • I’ve only recently begun to love hiyashichuuka in the last couple of years. Now I can’t live without it!

    Sakura on

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