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Slightly Peckish: Aubergine 4

Aubergines are one of my favourite vegetables and I will always choose an aubergine dish if I can at restaurants (except if there's beef, and I have to admit baba ganoush still defeats me). And nothing goes better with aubergine than oil. Life is tough.

I grew up with a mother who cooked something different everyday. But she announced she was graduating from the kitchen once we left home and will now only cook what she likes when she likes-- so it's lucky my dad also likes cooking. But when we see her, she'll always cook something special for us. She's one of those people who can open a fridge, glance at what's in it and whip up something delicious. No sweat. She makes it look SO easy.

One day when I didn't have much in the fridge except for a lonely aubergine, she made me some Namban Nasu, a simple Japanese dish of aubergine marinated in vinegar. According to Google, Namban means Southern Barbarian so I guess this translates as Barbaric Southern Aubergine??? Who cares because it's so simple but very moreish.

First you cut up the aubergine into thick manageable slices.

Slightly Peckish: Aubergine 1

Fry them until nicely soft but not burnt (mine are a little burnt but let's ignore that coz I'll eat aubergine even if it's burnt.)

Slightly Peckish: Aubergine 2

Meanwhile, get a bowl and add the following: Japanese soy sauce, mirin or sugar, vinegar and a dash of chilli powder in a 4:3:2:pinch ratio but see what works for you. You need to get a nice balance of salty, sweet and sour with a hint of heat and you can adjust to your taste.

Slightly Peckish: Aubergine 3

When the aubergines are cooked, add and mix them immediately into the soy sauce/mirin/vinegar combo and let it sit for a few minutes so that it absorbs the marinade. You can either eat it warm or cold.

Slightly Peckish: Aubergine 5

I like it with a bowl of steaming hot Japanese rice and some mentaiko-nori (seaweed with spicy roe). Umai!

Slightly Peckish: Aubergine 6
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  • Aubergine sounds so much fancier than eggplant. American English is sometimes too literal.. You can also mix soy/sugar/shit load of graded ginger as marinating mixture.

    Yamahomo on

  • Yamahomo: Adding ginger sounds yum. Will try it next time. And yeah, I had no idea what an eggplant was for AGES.

    Melissa: I hope it worked out ok and you found your own perfect ratio!

    sakura on

  • I have some Japanese Aubergine in the fridge. . . I think I will make this today! Thanks! :-)

    Melissa Low on

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