Sake Gumi
Just got through a heated chat session with my friend from LA about the new ordinances against taco trucks that will be going into effect tonight at midnight. Taco trucks will be fined $1000 or up to 6 months jailtime if they are parked in one spot for longer than an hour. WTF?!?!?!

To prepare for tomorrow's umamichatter, here's some preliminary reading for you to get up to speed about these taco truck laws.

LA Times:
"To make a misdemeanor out of the sale of foods and beverages is low," said attorney Philip C. Greenwald, who represents taco truck owners. "That's not fair. This is parking, after all. They're not selling porno, they're not selling drugs. This is food and beverages."

NY Times:
A lot of these food trucks are not from our community, they make money in our community but do not give back to the community,” said Lourdes Caracoza, the president of Maravilla Business Association, which covers a small section of East Los Angeles. “People say this is part of our culture. I don’t recall any towns in Mexico having taco trucks.

The Great Taco Hunt:
"Noone thinks it’s right for a taco truck to park directly in front of a restaurant. But as usual LA city officials lack any creative solutions to the problem. Maybe implementing a law where a taco truck cannot park within a certain radius of a brick and mortar restaurant would please everyone."

And here's some pictures to get you drooling whilst pondering, of a taco crawl Tmonkey had a few months back in East LA. They can't seriously take these away from Los Angelinos, can they???

If you're lucky enough to be in SoCal tonight, go to the Taco Libre party in East LA and "enjoy your last legal taco"! Ah, wish I could be there.

More on this subject on umamichatter first thing tomorrow!