Chef Jacques Freres (pictured below) has been perfecting his souffles for years. I'm not even into souffles and I was swooned by his. Swooned!

As stated on their website,
Capsouto Freres is a classic French bistro housed in a former spice warehouse by the Hudson and referred to as the “soufflé sanctuary.” While the menu is an alluring [interesting] blend of traditional French and contemporary fare, it is the soufflés, both sweet and savory, that garner the most attention. For more than twenty-seven years, Jacques Capsouto has been making, which he very proudly states, the best soufflés you will probably ever eat.

Get on down to Tribeca and try one of the 3 flavors he offers: – chocolate, raspberry and hazelnut. Worth the trip, just for dessert!

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Capsuoto Freres
451 Washington Street
New York, NY


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