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Buying bulk is like sex without a condom. There's nothing between you and the food, no plastic, no obstruction. Grab a little, taste a little, spill a little and push your way to the front.

During my lunch break on Monday, I set out to Tsukiji (like I do at least once every two weeks). I passed by a store selling mounds of bulk tsukudani. Tsukudani is heaven on rice - a condiment usually brown in color, sweet and sticky. It can be seaweed, clams, tarako, walnuts, even unagi.

The lady urged me to take a pinch of each kind for tasting. My suspicions were true - they were all good. But I had to restrain myself - I could not return to work smelling like I had just feasted on a full-course New Year's breakfast. The lady then told me that the shijimi (clams) type was superb for takikomi-gohan*. I could add about 100 grams of this stuff to about 3 cups of rice in the rice cooker and... "viola!" shijimi-tsukudani-takikomi-gohan. Mmmm. So I bought 100 grams for 300 yen. I'll be staying in this weekend.

I also bought 100 grams of fine fishies tsukudani at 200 yen (I don't know what the real name is), this would probably be excellent just as is on rice - or irresistible as ochazuke (pouring tea over rice).

Here's to pouring and spilling.

Shijimi tsukudani

Fine fishies tuskudani

*Editor's note: takikomi-gohan is rice steamed with whatever ingredient you want! Usually mushrooms, or some vegetable, or this tsukudani, as Yoko talks about here. Hearty fare for cold winters.

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  • i have 2 types of tsukudani in my fridge right now (which i should have included in today’s post): eel and just a regular konbu one. they’re great cause they last forever!!!

    kayoko on

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