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After an exhausting couple of days, I'm finally overcoming my jetlag and trying to get back into blogging life. Umami Mart, how I have missed you!

Up first from my Japan files: noodles on the train station platform. Pretty common sight all over Tokyo. Basically for businessmen trying to get something in their stomach, or to get over a hang over. More likely the latter.

You buy a ticket of what you want (soba/ udon/ ramen/ with tempura/ with egg/ etc.), hand it to the lady at the counter, and 3 minutes later, you get your order. Brilliant. Sorry, no chairs here- gotta get the next train!

The guys around me literally slurped everything down in like 2 minutes, flat, it was incredible.

But this method can't be good for your digestive system. I ate my ramen too fast, and when I got on the train and sat down, I felt gross.

Life is way too hectic in Japan, it wore me out. Friggin take 5 minutes to sit and enjoy your goddamn noodles, people!



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