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After spending cocktail hour at Botanica, we headed over to Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie around the corner- a definite stopover everyone should make while in Red Hook. I had run into Steve at last year's Atlantic Antic, and over the years I've always ordered the pie at Brooklyn restaurants whenever it's on the menu, but this was the first visit to Steve HQ.

According to the article in Edible Brooklyn from last winter, Steve started making key lime pies in Brooklyn in 1994, and opened this outpost 7 years ago. He ships in 365,000 "real" Key limes (more yelow than green) limes from a coastal town in Mexico every year.

There's an awesome portrait of Steve right as you walk in:

The walls are bright "Key lime" yellow, and you are immediately welcomed onto Steve's own tropical island off the Florida Keys (never mind that Manhattan is just a stone's throw away). Here you can order a 8" or 15" pie, or a little personal 4" "tart". That screen door you see back there leads to the kitchen.

Pies in hand, you can hang out in the garden area outside, where there are a few picnic benches. It's a lush haven complete with a waterfall. Look at those bright, blooming hibiscus!

The pie is excellent- no frills here. The filling is creamy, and more tart than sweet, but not overly; the graham cracker crust is buttery and crumbles into little bits in your mouth. Most importantly, it's not a fluffy neon green mess!!! Steve's pie defies all Key lime pie stereotypes.

Regretfully, none of us got the frozen chocolate-dipped mini pie on a stick. Doesn't that sound awesome?? Next time.

Steve's delivery truck.

The pier that the bakery is on has been newly renovated, with gorgeous views.

The new Ikea is such an eyesore though.

The new Real World house is just down the pier. There were lots of camera and production people running around. Here's the entrance to the house.

Red Hook is changing so fast- Real World, Ikea, Botanica. It's surreal to have come here over the years and watch a neighborhood transform little by little. It's not a bad thing, but I do get nostalgic. Steve's however is a mainstay Red Hook institution- don't leave without one!

Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie
Pier 41
Red Hook, Brooklyn
T: 888.450.5463


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