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Every morning, Bobby Fish parks his busted up maroon Dodge van at the edge of a Hess Express parking lot on West 207th Street. He unloads his signs and opens his Coors Light umbrella. “Bobby Fish,” the signs proclaim, “El Rey Del Ceviche.” People call him the King- it's not just his own posterboard. (from Gothamist)

Sounds good to me! I'd eat there, if I ever made it past 125th. Anyone ever have it? Is it better than the Red Hook Ball Fields ceviche? Is that really is real name?

Don't miss the comment battle below between the "hell to the no" camp and the "Your Purell covered bodies would rot at the first contact with some otherwise harmless bacteria" iron stomach camp.

I buy the argument that a fresh (and busy) seafood stand, even if it's on the side of the road, is of comparable quality to most "seafood" restaurants. Then again, dude can't get sued if someone gets food poisoning from his stuff.

Would you eat it?


  • I would eat it. Let’s GO.

    ayagwa on

  • OMG you are such a genius! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing style! You should, like, have your own show.

    Anonymous on

  • would totally eat it. let’s make the pilgrimage! i’m especially curious in this heat— does the fish stay cold and fresh???

    kayoko on

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