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I am writing a bit of my personal sharing about food that we had during our recent trip to Indonesia. Attached pictures were taken by Antonius Lo (my husband). If you are interested, Antonius' works can be viewed through his professional photography website, or his Flickr page.
I hope you enjoy.



1. The chicken porridge street vendor: the guy goes around the village (mostly) to sell porridge. You can see on one side the cart he carries, pile up of fried chicken dark meat, then some bowls, and the red 'BUBUR AYAM' words (means chicken porridge) painted out of that small piece of glass. Some colorful, old tin boxes (ex biscuits') on the upper side, they are used for storing the fried onions, fried chips, and it is believed that one was used for keeping the money paid. On the other side a big tin pot of porridge sits on a small charcoal stove (did not show very clear in the picture) to keep the porridge warm.

In the below picture you can see the vendor using a spoon to make some sound on the porcelain bowl, it's the selling 'call'. A warm bowl of porridge topped with shredded chicken meat, chips, fried onion, plus some sauce and chili, would be a nice and warm treat in the morning for those who are not getting enough time to sit down to have their breakfast at home.

2. A guy was flipping a big bamboo fan to help barbecuing the lamb meat sate (lamb meat skewer) on top of a charcoal grill (the very way used to preserve the heat so the taste would be guaranteed, meat will turn out tender and juicy). You can also see a big pot of peanut sauce sits in there. Antonius was so much fascinated by this 'basic food' at the road corner, he could not help but went twice for it (unfortunately i am not a big fan of lamb meat, so he enjoyed the sate by himself :).

In this picture below you can see the sate topped with the rich peanut sauce, was ready to serve, drooling... on the desk you also see a jar contains shallot and cucumber pickles, usually used to add on to the plate, and if you like, one more small spoon of chili. You can order 10 or 20 or even more skewers, and God, what else would you care but just pay the very attention to enjoy this hot food....

3. We had gone through some invites for the seafood at the seafood restaurants during our stay in Jakarta, treated with fried and roasted fish, huge shrimps, shells, crab and what not. But i would show you this very very delicious 'Smoked crab with cuttle fish spicy sauce, wrapped in banana leaf'. It was done, again, with the charcoal grill, and there is no better seafood can beat it I would say.



  • I don’t know why but that crab looks maaaad tasty to me. I always wanted to try a dry Asian preparation like that..

    Sonja on

  • Sonya,

    it was really maaaad tasty. Crabs in Indonesia mostly are quite big a size, but the meat didn’t taste hard or dry. as you may know, there are many ways of preparing the crab dish, but with the Indonesian way is always cooks with spice and tasty sauce. This smoked crab wrapped in banana leaf is one of the most representative. You may like to try, doesn’t have to be with cuttle fish sauce, you can improvise yourself, wrapped with the leaf can maintains the juice even though it looked dry. We had gone for twice in Jakarta :).


    Anonymous on

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