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I was invited to a house party the other day. No one usually cooks for me and it was a nice change. People don't cook for me since I am 1. critical about everything I eat, 2. I do cook a lot for people, so 3. people might get too intimidated.

He made us a nice huge scallop for appetizer. Too bad I don't have pics, but he only plated one scallop on each plate, which looked very restaurant-ish, and tasted very nice too. Salad was nicely flavored with truffle oil, entree was Asian style stewed chicken. Very tasty. Dessert was acai berry sorbet, which tasted very refreshing and almost tea-flavor like.

So I was impressed, and had to do the same or top it.

I would love to include actual recipes like Paystyle, but you know me, I don't have recipes when cooking, just add this or that, which makes me such a bad cook, but oh well.

1st course:
Salmon tartar with avocado. Chopped salmon, then mixed with yuzu dressing from Japan, sesame oil, and yuzu pepper. Yuzu pepper, which is widely available in Japan (or any Japanese grocery stores here as well) is a GREAT additional flavor to many dishes. It's white pepper and yuzu in paste form, VERY spicy, and add such a good yuzu flavor with heat. Usually I mix avocado with fish, but this time, I separately mushed avocado, flavored the same as fish. After plating on a sheet of shiso leaf, it looks like something a fancy restaurant gives you, right?

2nd course:
I am obsessed with tomato and watermelon combo since my trip to the West Coast. I had leftover prosciutto and mozzarella, so I stacked watermelon, mozzarella, tomato, then wrapped it with prosciutto, then drizzled vinaigrette (simple mix of white balsamic vinegar, evoo, salt and pepper)

Tangy tomato, sweet watermelon, buttery mozzarella, and salty prosciutto was awesome.

Cheated beef bourguignon with sauteed swiss chard. I was actually going to make steak, but I somehow bought hanger steak instead of regular steak. My bf won't eat fatty meat, so I decided to disguise it by stewing in red wine. I realized I only had tiny bit of wine left from the night before, but I was too lazy to go out and get it, so I just put whatever I had, plus chicken stock, then thickened it. Sauteed swiss chard with garlic and salt. Simple but complimented the beef.

I made macarons, again... This time was ok, but half the batch cracked... it's either totally fucked up or half cracked. I can't make clean batches any more. I may have lost ambition to perfect it, and that might be the reason. Anyhow, I made a huge macaron to set aside for dessert. I bought Ciao Bella passion fruit sorbet, top it with the macaron, and put black and raspberries on side. Ciao Bella is totally awesome. It's so surprising it is made in NJ, not Italy...

4 course meal was served. I need to get into sauce making business. Restaurants make the food look so much better by painting the plate with sauce.

I am hosting another dinner party this weekend, and I will make 4 different, small appetizers. I need to go get rectangular plates for it.



  • well, can’t blame your friend for trying, Homo.

    i need to try that watermelon and tomato concoction. looks so delightful! also like the pool of pink left behind by the swiss chard in the main dish.

    kayoko on

  • I am going to try that watermelon salad, it’s looks so summer!

    Sonja on

  • Good stuff, the plating looks so impressive! I have to work on my plating—way too sloppy imo. I don’t go by recipes very often either, but the process of posting them on a blog forced me to try and take note of what I was doing so I could share them.

    Paystyle on

  • It was damn good, as always.

    nnnnn on

  • Also going to buy that yuzu pepper stuff…

    Sonja on

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