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Last week, Bittman dedicated his Minimalist column to the venerable hotpot. Hotpot is a wondefully warm DIY winter tradition-- growing up, we would put a butan stove on the table, fill a pot with water and some soy sauce and sake, and dunk in veggies, tofu and noodles, with beef for shabu-shabu or fish for nabe. You pick out what you want to eat into your bowl and slurp it all down-- when you are ready for more, go for it. You are the master of your own bowl.

We had a sukiyaki party last week-- at WORK!!! Sukiyaki is a form of Japanese hotpot where beef and veggies are boiled in a soysauce and sugar-based broth, then dunked in a bowl of raw egg (despite the salmonella warnings, this is my favorite part).

Janet lugged her electric hotpot to work (which is SO GREAT, she got it in Chinatown for $100 if you are interested- I know I am), and pounds of sliced beef and napa cabbage and tofu. We had a happy hotpot feast in the staff kitchen, and we all merrily shared with everyone who walked in. It was pretty awesome, the whole setup.

Instead of taking pictures, I made a video to document this, but I think that the file is too big to upload onto Blogger or Youtube. I was able to upload it onto Facebook though, so please watch here!


  • Venice LA, sorry! Although I’m with you shabu-shabu in Italy would be interesting for sure.

    One Food Guy on

  • that is pretty hilarious, your poor friend. was your first shabu-shabu in Italy Venice or Venice LA? i’m curious if it were italy.

    kayoko on

  • Yum! I love shabu shabu. The first time I tried it I was at a friends in Venice. Then came back to Boston and found two restaurants that offer it. The first time was at Shabu Zen in Boston’s Chinatown – after the meal our server suggested eating the broth from the pot as a soup. My friend went in full spoon and burnt his mouth so bad on the boiling hot broth. He’ll never go back and still gets mad when we bring it up! Haha

    One Food Guy on

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