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WTF! This weekend was so hot! This earth is totally coming to an end soon! I respect Al Gore's campaign, but I am pretty pessimistic. I am starting "Mother Earth has dissed us, so let's eat everything we want till we can't move" campaign...

Anyhow, my point being I felt like cooking something summery.

A couple of month ago, I went to Pittsburgh, and went to the most expensive private club in the city, called Duquesne Club. Patrons were older than the building itself, but we had such good food there. Appetizer I had was called "Crabmeat Hoezel". It is apparently named after some millionaire Mr. Hoezel, and was basically lump crabmeat, tarragon vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper dressing. So I recreated it.

I didn't want to spend $10 for tarragon vinegar, so I mixed tarragon and vinegar. Although everyone loved it, I don't like licorice flavor (being a typical Japanese), so it wasn't too tasty for me. At least it looks pretty darned good, right?

For the main course, I made miso glazed swordfish with summer vegetable risotto. I marinated swordfish in miso/mirin/sake/sugar mixture for about 24 hours, then broiled it (yeah, I did end up using oven). Surprisingly, the asparagus at the market was pretty fresh, I sliced them up with zucchini, and put them into risotto (onion, rice, with broth, pretty basic) right before it was done.

I have been falling for swordfish recently. I never had it, thinking it was yellowtail (it's a bit too oily for me), but it is very meaty, not too greasy, totally healthy, and soaks up whatever the marinade is very nicely. Yum.



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