Sake Gumi
I played hookie yesterday. Law & Order was shooting a scene at one of the apartments upstairs, so I couldn't go up to the rooftop to lay out (also it would be bad to come back to work with a tanned face when you claim you were "sick"). So I cooked. I had a couple of people over for cocktails, and made something light to munch on.

Below is some of the easiest, yet looks-like-you-spent-hours-to-make appetizers. All I did was bought truffle pate (you can buy them at fancy grocery stores, it doesn't have any foie gras, just some liver and chopped truffle, $6 is not that expensive either), and smoked duck meat. Spread the pate on thinly sliced baguette (I think it's always better to slice bread very thin so that you don't cut your mouth biting into a crusty bread). Then I put cut up arugula/sun dried tomato/thinly sliced cucumber mixture on top. Finally put thinly sliced smoked duck, and bingo, it's duck heaven!

Below is another dish I made. I first made a sorta/kinda guacamole, using only avocado, garlic, lime juice and salt, spread it on the bread, added a cherry tomato, and topped it with a cooked shrimp. Very simple, yet pretty and tasted wonderful.

Green tea sorbet is amazing. As long as you have macha powder, you don't need to go to store to make this. 4 cups of water, 3/4 cup of sugar, and about 2 tablespoons of macha powder (taste it and add more if you like), that's it. Boil together until dissolved, cool it, then put it in ice cream maker.

It's not true Japanese macha powder, but good enough.

Boil everything together.

Look at this. VERY tasty, and looks professional, don't ya think? Since there was no milk in it, it was very refreshing and bitter sweet. I think I will make other sorbet using this technique. Result will be reported soon.


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