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My friend Vanesa recommended this beer to me with mucho gusto the other day when we were frolicking around Whole Foods (she works there, and is quite the sales person).

I'm a big fan of the Anderson Valley Brewing Company, out of Boonville, CA- their Boont Amber Ale makes a regular appearance in my fridge. But their recent release, the Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema is my newest love.

It's creamy, a bit chocolaty, and very very smooth. A six-pack at Whole Foods was only $9. Our summer days are numbered, so I recommend you get your little butt to the store and go get a pack or two NOW!

Plus I love their beer cap!!!


Looks like they also release a Winter Solstice version every year. Can't wait to try that!

Merriberry visits the brewery often when they are up in Mendocino. It's about two hours north of San Francisco- we gotta go sometime!


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