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Sorry I have not been posting so much- our film festival finally starts TONIGHT! If you are in NY, please come check out a movie or two- all 18 premieres are quite excellent, although nothing really food related, unlike last year's festival.

Here's a plug for perhaps my favorite movie in the line-up (really hard to choose though!).

So I won't be checking in so much until the movie madness is over in mid-July. In the meantime, enjoy the sticky, great outdoors for me while I'm inside an air-conditioned theater-- and feast on all of summer's bounties! I just took this at the Dag Hammarskjold farmer's market. Check out these gorgeous gourds!



  • Hi Kayoko—I’m not sure we were even at the same movie! The link goes to Adrift in Tokyo (loved, loved, LOVED it!)—were you there? Couple days later I saw Sad Vacation. Kind of a Greek tragedy, but that Tadanobu Asano is major yums! What else did you like?

    Cecelia on

  • Cecelia- so glad you can come! ACCURACY is sold out so hope you already have a ticket… DAINIPPONJIN is totally loopy, but i love it.

    i’m wearing a red top and black short pants and black and white saddle shoes.

    i haven’t had vegetables in days (sad- i’ll be eating crap till the fest is over), otherwise i would def carry asparagus for you.

    FIND ME!

    kayoko on

  • I’m going to see this Friday! Maybe I’ll see you there…? Of course I have no idea what you look like, so carry something identifiable, like asparagus maybe.

    Cecelia on

  • yeah Asano is a hottie. have you seen MONGOL yet? i need to see that still.

    my top three for the festival are DAINIPPONJIN, ADRIFT IN TOKYO and KISARAGI.

    if you haven’t seen the latter yet, it’s our closing film- Sunday at 5:30. come out! it’s such a clever story.

    then, it’s ALL OVER!!!

    kayoko on

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