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SF Underground Market

Sweedeedee Jerky's little booth at the SF Underground Market last week was just about to close down by the time I got in-- they had SOLD OUT of everything by 6pm! Troy, the master chef behind Sweedeedee Jerky, and his lovely girlfriend (aka Sweedeedee Marketing Manager) Pamela had graciously saved me a bag. Lucky me!

SF Underground Market

Now, I'm not just schilling for Sweedeedee because Troy and Pamela are friends of mine (full disclosure)-- his jerky is really, truly, no-joke AWESOME. He marinates the beef in a secret soy sauce-based, Thai-inspired recipe which he has perfected over the years, then slow-bakes in his oven. The jerky comes out tender and superbly moist, not at all cardboardy or dried out the way beef jerky tends to be.

SF Underground Market

Sweedeedee's tagline is The Meat Treat with a Sweet Heat, which it is! The combination of sweet and savory is nicely balanced by the peppers, which rounds out all the flavors.

Troy told me that he has been making jerky for years-- for camping trips and friends. He's making more batches now, and selling it online and at the SF Underground market. 3oz. packs are $5. But it's not enough jerky! Go for all 20oz. for $20. Yes. Make sure to order in advance-- this stuff goes quick, like crack.

It's all really exciting! The jerky is totally addicting, as I gobbled up my bag in about five minutes (hence I don't have any more pics of it). Follow Sweedeedee on Twitter too.

Oh yes, and the name. Sweedeedee is a song by Michael Hurley, later covered by Cat Power. The song is whimsical, melodical, sweetical. Listen here.

More pics from the SF Underground market on the UM Flickr page. It was a truly spectacular evening, with such an invigorating energy that spilled on out into Brannan Street (as we all waited an hour to get in).

Have a Sweedeedee-licious Day!

SF Underground Market


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