Holiday Gift Guide

Just a day after my Holiday Beer post I came across another great holiday beer at City Beer. This one is actually a Chanukah beer! Jewbelation by Shmaltz Brewing Company is an American Strong Ale. Smaltz brewed eight different recipes for the eight days of Chanukah.

I was lucky enough to try out Jewbelation 11 which is brewed with 14 malts, 14 hops, and measures up at 14% alcohol. It pours very dark and viscous, so much so that I thought it was going to be too heavy. It has a nice chocolaty molasses scent with earthy, dark fruit tones. It has a lot of body but the intense flavors and high alcohol percentage make it a great beer to sip on a cold day. I am up in Tahoe and am having one right now in front of the fireplace.


Shmaltz put a list together of the places you can get this beer here. Try one out! It definitely earned its spot on this years list of best holiday brews.