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I was watching Food Network Sunday, and saw this recipe for turkey and cranberry raviolis on Everyday Italian. The theme was "Thanksgiving for two" and it looked pretty yummy and easy, so I made it for myself. It surely was a success. If you don't want to be bothered with making a big turkey, this definitely will be an interesting diversion.

Although it seems like there's a lot of cranberry to put in, it doesn't taste too sweet, just right. Using wanton wrapper is also another very good way to make the raviolis. Since the skin is very light, You can have a lot more than 5 (which was the portion on the recipe, but I used a 1 lb. turkey, hence quadrupled the recipe).

You can stuff other things using wanton skins, and the sauce could be different as well. Oh, I didn't have Romano, so just used Parmesan, which was as good. Giada's recipes are always good.

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  • i’m gonna try this- looks really good and EASY. thanks!

    kayoko on

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