What should I do with it? That huge dildo, I mean gourd was sitting in my living room after Kayoko's goodbye party. We had so much fun carrying around the thing, but it wasn't one of those mini gourds you see at this time of the season at restaurants or as home decor. Way too huge, and Dawn told me that this is edible. So I felt I was using butternut squash, and started dissecting it. Just a larger version of butternut, right?

It surely looked like butternut. The color was yellow, as I expected. A little bit lighter than nice butternut, but I thought, "Oh well, since they are large, they lost some of the dark yellow/orange color".

I placed them upside down, rubbed with EVOO, salt and pepper, and roasted them until they were fork tender.

Half became soup. squash, sauteed onion, chicken broth, blended everything together at the end. Hm, something was missing from the soup. Very bland.

The rest became ravioli. I make easy ravioli by using wanton wrappers. I mixed squash, cheese, bit of onion, salt and pepper.

Verdict: I think it grew too big. The whole thing was way too watery, and had not much flavor. It might be better off using as a party gift or new version of "partini" (have you seen the commercial on this weird thing?). We surely had a GREAT time placing it next to body parts at the party.


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