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Off to glorious Italia for 10 days! Stopping off in Madrid for a night, then heading to Siena for my friend Leslie's wedding, then Assisi for one night to check out the cathedral, then down to Roma for 5 nights where we got an apartment in Trastevere (cross my fingers it's not a scam!).

Will stuff my face with between Caravaggio and Bernini pit stops.

Excuse the hiatus! Erin is coming too, so you won't see her awesome photos for a little while (a picture she took of the Four Seasons just made it into AMNY!). Er, Leslie and I lived in Italy together years ago, so this will be a very special reunion.

Armed with my new camera, I will surely be taking lots of pictures of food for UM. The 5 P's will rule my universe for the next week and a half, and damn straight you'll know about it: Pizza, Prociutto, Pasta, Pepperoncini, and Porcini.

Don't cry for me! I'll be back! Ci sentiamo.

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