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I'm not sure where exactly I picked up my love for the papaya, but I do love it. It's a magical fruit, super tropical. It has the power to make you feel as though you are on a white sand beach somewhere farfarfaraway, crystal blue waters, the rustling of the palm trees, soft waves crashing... omg stop now!

Papayas tend to get really huge, so I like to buy mine pre-cut. Little rules for the single person in NYC- only buy what you can eat! Here's what I picked up at my corner grocer- not cheap.

One thing- the seeds of the papaya are very very creepy. I don't know what it is- they are just hundreds of small black balls. They're almost insect-like, it gives me the eeby-jeebies. There's nothing like it in the fruit family though, I don't think- it's fascinating.

Someone once told me that papayas are a sexual fruit- sorta vaginal, maybe?

Squirt some lemon on it and you're good to go. So fresh and so clean, clean.

Speaking of vaginas, I just saw Judy Chicago's famed work, The Dinner Party, on permanent view at the Brooklyn Museum this weekend. The Georgia O'Keefe plate is off the hook! Go check it out!


  • To Cubans, Papaya is a bad word and we can’t say it. It pretty much means pu**y. You have to call it “fruta bomba” at my grandmas house! Just a tidbit for you. And I HATE papaya. It tastes like rotten, gross, smelly melon. Yuck!

    sashé on

  • there are so many fruits that have seeds very similar to those of the papaya. the seeds are really good for you by the way.

    katy daus on

  • maybe it tastes like vagina??? la fruta bomba. love it.

    kayoko on

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