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Domino's Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes

The Good: Ode to JG's Molten Chocolate Cake, Pt. I

I should've known that the whole thing was a bad idea, but curiosity got the better of me yet again. I had been mesmerized by the omnipresent Domino's commercial touting its Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes. Try as I might, I was losing the ability to ignore the siren call.

Possessing very little food-related willpower to begin with, I gave in and decided I had to try them. (Am I the only one that saw these ads everywhere? Or just the only one who contemplated an actual purchase? I fast forward through every show on my DVR and still managed to see that commercial at least 11 times. After that I lost count.)

I mean really, what kind of lover of warm chocolate cake would I BE!?! How could I call myself a true fan without tasting the one that was being sold in strip malls across the country!?!

I saddled up to a local Domino's. After assuring the man behind the counter that yes, I wanted just the cake (no pizza, no breadbowl pasta, no oven-baked sandwich, thank you) I watched as two* small tins of chocolate went into the mouth of the conveyor-belt oven.
*There was no option to buy just one; but it's just $3.99 for two! It's no wonder America has an obesity problem!

I knew that what came out on the other side wasn't going to be the culinary achievement of the century, but somehow, I had convinced myself that if anything, it would at the very least be cracktastic; you know, like french fries from McDonald's or nachos from Taco Bell.

Domino's Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes

I was wrong. Very, very, wrong.

The menu describes them as, "Oven baked chocolate cakes, crunchy on the outside with molten chocolate on the inside." Oh, Domino's. How you have a way with words. "Molten chocolate" does sound much better than "grainy-and-chalky-warm-brownie-batter" and "crunch" more appetizing than "tough-burnt-cardboard-crust."

Domino's Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes

But was it really SO hard to make the cracktastic version? Even with an arsenal of chemicals and focus groups on your side?

Yup, I should've known it was a bad idea...

*Veronica lives and works in New York City where she enjoys thinking about food, reading about food, eating food and bike riding.


  • Holy friggin chocolate balls!, THEY’RE GREAT!!! My boyfriend and I are ADDICTED to them and for myself as well, the only reason why I found this ridiculous but hallarious review is because I was also looking for the recipe. Eventhough our local Dominos has screwed up our pizza orders time after time and after complaining about we now take it personally when our pizza comes and something is always JACKED! For some reason we cant tell them to “GET FU45%#”!!! or Screw off! For fear that we will never have that glorious chocolate in our mouths again. So, that being said, we love them so much that were willing to lose a little dignity just to have them! Theyre THAT GOOD!

    Dedra&Greg on

  • These cakes are flipping delicious. I can’t imagine anything on the planet tasting better. They are warm, sweet, crunchy on the outside and soft/gooey on the inside. If not for the calories I would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Denise on

  • @Aleah hahah same!! did you find the recipe??

    v on

  • Ya, I would have to agree with the above reviewer. These things are cracktastic, if there was ever a definition of the word! These things are responsible for more of my extra weight than I would like to admit. Like OMG good. So good in fact, that the only reason I am even at this bogus review is because I was looking up how to make them at home. Either this person didn’t follow the age old rule of at least a second try at a different dominoes, or her taste buds are straight up broken!! Do yourself another favor anyone who gets these and grab some vanilla ice cream, or whipped topping!! Dialing Dominoes as we speak!!!

    Aleah on

  • it's all about Domino's thin crust pizza—- either with pepperoni and green bell peppers, or tomatoe and bacon. i haven't tried the molten chocolate cake, but i do love the cinna-stix.

    saaara on

  • It's possible that yours was particularly bad. I've ordered them before and the molten chocolate was smooth and yummy and not grainy or chalky at all. I still had regret after eating them and felt sick, but that's beside the point. But hey, I thought they were tasty.

    Lisa H. on

  • Irony here is that it actually LOOKS cracktastic. You just must be a good photographer.

    Too bad!!! Can't wait for the UGLY…

    kayoko on

  • I love good food and have eaten at the best restaurants all over the world. However, I am totally addicted to the chocolate lava crunch cakes at Dominos. They are absolutely delicious and this review is bogus! Yes, they are basically a soup of chcolate syrup inside an oreo cookie shell, but I still can’t knock them just in terms of deliciousness. They are really fricking good.

    Henry on

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